Zoobles Games

Wow, there are now more games to play on Zoobles! Check back for updates soon!

Right now there are 3 different games that you can play in the Zoobles online community.

Bounce & Trounce

The object is to bounce your rolling Zooble ball over obstacles such as logs and rocks. At the same time you want to bounce up to collect fun items such as fruit, stars, and flowers. This is a easy game where you click your mouse to bounce your Zooble ball.


Basically this is a matching game. You click on closed  Zooble balls to try to match up the characters. When you make a match, the characters will pop open. The faster that you match up the Zoobles, the more Zoints that you will earn.  You get to choose from Easy, Meduim, or Hard modes. Watch out for the twister in the Hard mode because it mixes up the Zooble balls!

Happitat Hunt

Here you are guiding your Zoobles home to their special Happitat.  You must click on the shells to move them out of the Zoobles way.